RPS Bancard offers several payment processing solutions, including a complete suite of products and services. We want to help your business’ daily operations run smoothly and efficiently, all while keeping your costs low.

As a Bancard customer, you’ll receive:

● The latest hardware and software solutions
● 24/7 local service and support
● The lowest total processing costs
● A team of experienced sales and service professionals

Our products fulfill a variety of needs, and our representatives are eager to discuss your business and what we can do for you. Bancard finds top-of- the-line products to process your credit and debit card transactions faster, more securely and at a lower cost than other companies. 


Mobile processing is easier than ever with our virtual terminal app which you could use on Android and Apple devices. The virtual terminal app is simple to use. Plug the card-reader device into your audio jack, and safely process credit cards with your mobile phone. 


The virtual terminal app also allows you to:
Send receipts via email or text
Capture digital 
Add tips
Process Refunds
PCI compliant


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